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Your wedding day is NOT about photos. 
I'm going to say that again. 
Your wedding day is NOT about photos. 
Your wedding day is not some long, elaborate photoshoot. There are sacred moments, and silly moments, tears and laughter.  The photos I take are all about capturing those authentic, vulnerable moments and creating images that will immerse you back into the best day of your life over and over again. While there are times where I will step in and direct photos, (20 people don't just pose themselves!) for the most part I am here to capture and complement your day- not interrupt!

You are unique so I am intentional about getting to know you and in seeking to understand what makes you tick.  I've often been mistaken for a friend or family member because by the time it's your wedding day we'll be pretty good buddies!

Whatever your vision is, I'll take that and do my utmost to make it a reality. I'm not going to push you into anything you don't want, and I don't work from a rigid shot list. The core of my personality is being flexible and easy-going. What matters most to you will go into how I divide my energies on your wedding day and directly influence the photos that you receive. Your wedding day has enough stress in it already, so I won't be adding any if I can help it! 
In fact, not only do I try to keep everything stress free, I try to make it fun! If we have time I try to sneak in funny pictures, and I am always trying to keep you and your friends laughing and smiling! I'm also flexible and really laid-back, so as your wedding day develops and changes (which they always do!) I'll be along for the ride and there to help you stay calm and collected as well, if I'm able. 

is Joy Shots for me?

I don't know. Maybe? Maybe not. I'd love to say yes, but you shouldn't hire just anyone as your wedding photographer. That's a big thing and you really need to mesh with whoever is capturing your day. 

The photo on the right is one of my favorites. If you vibe with that, you'll probably vibe with me. Here are some more questions to ask yourself!

-Does the Joy Shots portfolio speak to me?
-Is having fun with my people and making memories my wedding day priority?
-Do I like candid and photo-journalistic style photos? 
-Am I ready to laugh and have fun during my photo sessions?
-Can I handle a photographer making dad jokes and stupid puns?
Okay but honestly, the biggest thing is figuring out if our styles and personalities mesh. Style you can see pretty clearly on this website. I keep things warm, with rich colors and dark contrasts and I strive to catch lots of candids and natural laughs. (I also like to throw in some quirky, creative twists whenever I can!) 

Personality? That's a little harder. My best suggestion is to make sure you're following @joyshotsphotography on Instagram and Joy Shots Photography on Facebook and you can see more of who I am. We can also catch up by phone or video chat to talk- no pressure to hire me, just a chance to see if we are a fit!
sweethearts package - $1975

This is my most popular package and might just meet your needs too. I've created this to capture your most important moments, from getting ready through leaving the premises as a married couple. So what does it include?

You get 7 hours of single photographer wedding day coverage. In general this means that I am with you from about midway through your makeup being done through the end of your reception, but it's up to you how the hours get distributed. 

You'll receive all the edited photos from your day, a minimum of 500 images, but honestly I tend to deliver wayyyy more than that. 

Speaking of a gallery! You also have full downloading and printing rights for ALL your photos. After I edit them all you receive a digital gallery of your photos that you can share with family and friends and a zip file to download all the photos and print them either with my printer or wherever you'd like! No hidden fees to receive the files. They're yours. You'll typically receive all your photos 3-4 weeks from your wedding date, although this may be up to 6 weeks during peak seasons. 
In addition to a gallery, you get a physical, hard cover photo album. When I'm taking photos I'm thinking to the future. Your kids, your nieces and nephews, your cat? - I'm imagining you looking at these photos with them and I try to tell a story with every photo that will make you smile 10, 20, even 50 years from now! Creating this album and looking at how cute you guys are with all that love is one of my joys! This album arrives 2-3 weeks after you receive your gallery. 
Your package also includes a pre-booking meeting, a pre-wedding meeting and countless emails, calls, texts, DMs - whatever your go to is- to answer your questions, talk through the day, and anything else you need. 
Lastly, your package includes a complimentary engagement session with me, anywhere within 20 miles of Lynchburg, or beyond if you'd like to pay additional travel fees. This session helps us get to know one another and work better together on your wedding day. 
lovebirds package - $2225 

Are you looking at the Sweethearts package thinking, "I could use just a little more?" Read on! (Skip to the next package if you think you need a little less) 

The Lovebirds Package is similar to the Sweethearts package with a little extra to feather the nest! Here's what it includes: 
You'll get up to 9 hours of wedding day photography coverage, not just with me though, I'll also bring along another expert photographer for up to 6 hours to capture multiple angles of your day.
You receive all the edited photos within 4-6 weeks, but guess what! There's more! More photos that is. You'll receive 700+ photos with this package. 
Again, you'll receive a digital gallery with full downloading and printing rights for both you and your guests. No hidden fees. No extra costs. Scout's honor. (JK, I was never a scout. But, I do promise.)
You also receive a physical hard cover album for you to someday look through with your kids, cats, co-workers- whoever you want- and reminisce the day you said "I do." I'll create this album using my favorite shots from the day and it will get out to you 2-3 weeks after you receive your digital gallery.
This package also includes a meeting before you book, a meeting in the weeks prior to your wedding, and any communication you want or need in between. I'm always available to answer questions and I try to reply to anything within 2 business days at the most. 
Lastly, your package includes a free session together. Call it an engagement session, call it a family session, call it a couples lifestyle session. Whatever you want to call it, this is a session for us to get to know one another and me to learn what angles and poses work best for you! It's free within 20 miles of Lynchburg, or I just ask you pay travel fees if you want to use a location outside of that radius or location costs if you want to use a special location! 
true love's kiss - $1425

Are you just looking for something short and simple? Maybe you don't care much for photos of your hair being done, or perhaps your reception is going to be a small affair. If so, True Love's Kiss is the minimalistic package that will probably suit your needs!

With this package you receive up to five hours of single photographer wedding day coverage. Most brides use this to take a few photos of their preparations; all the photos of the ceremony, family, bridal party, and couple; and the first half of the reception- generally until the cake cutting- but it's your call how the hours are distributed with this package!
With this package you'll receive a minimum of 300 images and like the other packages you'll receive your images with full printing and downloading rights in an online gallery within 3-4 weeks of your wedding. You can share this with guests, and will have online access to this up to two years after your big day. 
You also receive five 8 x 10 prints because photos are made to be printed! 
Additionally, we will meet together for a pre-booking meeting, a pre-wedding meeting, and talk by text and email in the lead up. It helps to know each other well so you are most comfortable working with me, especially if you feel uncomfortable in front of the camera. 
Lastly, your package includes a 3o minute couples session! Because who doesn't need more photos of themselves, amirite? You can bring the doggos. Dress it up or dress it down. We can go to your favorite ice cream place. Anywhere within 20 miles of Lynchburg is free, otherwise I just ask you to pay travel costs. 
golden hour - $775

If you are eloping, this is the package for you! This is the package for the adventurous and bold.
This package includes three hours of single photographer coverage. This window should provide coverage of your ceremony, and all the portraits afterwards
You will receive a minimum of 100 photos with this package. Your online gallery of edited images will be delivered within 6 weeks of your wedding day, and you'll have full printing and downloading rights to the images. No hidden costs!
Additionally, we'll have a pre-booking meeting, a pre-wedding meeting, and however much communication you want via phone, email or text in the lead up to the wedding. 
Lastly, your package includes a mini session (20 minutes) to use for an engagement session so you get comfortable with posing and your photographer.

If you would like you can add up to one additional hour to this package for $150 or if you are seeking to have me travel to you and you're helping me cross a new state off my "a wedding in every state" goal, this is the base pricing before travel. 
paper rings - $425

Church wedding? Backyard micro wedding? This is the no frills package you are looking for. 
This package includes one and a half hours of single photographer coverage or the length of time necessary to capture your ceremony and family, wedding party and couples portraits immediately following the ceremony
You will receive a minimum of 50 photos with this package. Your online gallery of edited images will be delivered within 6 weeks of your wedding day, and you'll have full printing and downloading rights to the images. No hidden costs. Additionally, we'll have a pre-booking meeting, and pre-wedding meeting.
Due to high demand for weekend dates, the Paper Rings package can only be booked 3 months prior to your wedding day. 

While I strongly recommend taking your engagement photos with whoever will be there on your wedding day, there are a number of reasons you might want to schedule a separate or additional engagement session, or you might want a longer engagement session than is included with your package.

You are always welcome to book a standalone engagement session! I have two package types for engagement sessions!

1- Silver Package- One location, One outfit. ~30 minutes. $90

2- Gold Package- Two+ locations, Two+ outfits. ~1.5 hours. $200
more options
Getting married outside of Lynchburg? That's cool I travel! Drive time is billed at $40, and weddings over 2.5 hours of travel might incur an overnight fee between $100 and $200 based on location. If you are beyond a driving distance, we can talk more details about extended travel costs. (I offer great discounts on weddings if you pay my travel!) 
Want to add a photo book or buy an additional copy? Adding a photobook is $100, and purchasing additional copies is $75 per copy. 
Interested in adding a USB to your included online gallery? That's just $15. 
Want a video highlight reel? Add it to any package for $350 through the end of 2022.
Need additional coverage hours? Add up to two hours to any package other than Paper Rings for $250 per hour.  
Finally, you can always add a second shooter to a package. This is priced on a case by case basis, but starts at $400

That's right! If you've read this far, you're doing your research and are worthy of knowing the full range of discount options!

Clients of Something Blue Weddings and Events and I Do Events receive a $50 discount on any wedding package (excluding Paper Rings and Golden Hour). Planner must be booked prior to photographer.
Weekday wedding? If you're getting married between Monday and Thursday receive a $150 discount on any package (excluding Paper Rings, Golden Hour and long-distance weddings)
Off season wedding? If you are getting married in January-March receive $200 off any package (excluding Paper Rings, Golden Hour and long-distance weddings. Discount does not apply to holidays such as New Years or Valentines Day)
Contribute to my wedding in every state goal! I'm on mission to photograph a wedding in every US state. If your wedding is in a new state for me I will give you a unique discounted package! 
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