Photography for silly little weirdos.

Your wedding is not a photoshoot.

Joy Shots Photography is a Virginia elopement and wedding photographer specializing in classic, true to color photography in Central Virginia and beyond.

I believe your wedding is about celebrating your love, not about orchestrating an elaborate photoshoot. I prioritize fun over forced smiles, and eye catching candids over pausing the action for a staged shot.

Folks like you.

I promise you, everyone you see on my site is a “real” person. Not hired models, not a staged wedding, but a real wedding or session that had all the hiccups and humanity that might accompany your own wedding celebration or photo session.

From our first video call I’m learning your unique personalities and the quirks of your one of a kind relationship so that I can imagine ways to bring the real you to life in your photos. I’ll gently coach you through poses that make you feel stunning and I’ll help you plan a wedding day that isn’t just a fancy photoshoot. 

Learn more for yourself.

Listen. I get it. It’s the internet. Anyone can say what they want. So don’t just trust me. 
Trust the over 150 happy couples I’ve worked with over the past 7+ years. 

2024 weekends are almost fully booked and I will be closing off my calendar soon. If you’re interested in talking more about your unique wedding day, start by checking out what I offer then send me an email to set up a time to chat face to face. 

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