Hi Bestie!
I'm Erika, and here's what you should know about me!

First up, you should know that my name is not Joy. Confusing right? The "Joy" in Joy Shots is about the emotion. (It's also, allegedly, my middle name.)

I discovered my passion for photography through my membership in the Civil Air Patrol in high school. That experience taught me how to capture meaningful candids and expressive action shots, but more than anything developed in me a spark for visual storytelling.
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(Photos by Haleigh Umphlette, Katelyn MacMillan and yours truly)

👉Core Values & Distinctives
Let's be honest. There are literally hundreds of photographers out there to choose from. Why choose Joy Shots? Here are values that set Joy Shots apart. 

🪅Fun - I do photography because I love it and I think it's fun and I want you to experience that fun too. Sometimes that looks a little silly. Sometimes it's just having fun conversations. Sometimes it means fewer posed photos and more dancing. If we don't have fun, I'm not doing my job right. 
🐧Chill - I'm really laid back. While I'm here for everyone, I'd say I'm an especially good fit for the introverts and the camera-nervous. I'll tell you when you look fly as hell, but I won't be giving cheerleader vibes or fabricated positivity. I will help you plan for a smooth day or session, but not be stressed if it looks completely different. I go with the flow, and if you share that vibe it generally means we're a good fit. 
🌈Diverse- I value and serve all sizes, ages, races, genders, sexual orientations, and families. I try to represent diversity in my portfolio and my hope is that you'll see someone who in some way reminds you of you on my site or socials. (And if you don't, let's talk!)
😊Authentic- This is not stock footage. I want your unique personality shines through and as much as possible I personalize each session to my clients. 

🪟Transparent- You'll find all the pricing for packages here on the website so that you know you're getting the same deal as anyone else. I also try to offer plenty of options so that almost any budget can be accommodated!
Frequently Asked
What are you like in person? 
I asked a few friends to review me like they were on Yelp and here's what they said. 
"Sarcasm queen." 
"Erika gets your jokes when no on else does." 
"Weird but in the best way to where you feel comfortable around her instantly."
"Mom friend of every group." 
50 State Challenge? 
You heard that right! A wedding in every US state is the goal. (Ideally by 2030, but really it's a lifetime goal so the end date is flexible.) I love to travel, and I love to be able to offer people really good deals on photography...so I combined the two! For states I have yet to visit, I steeply discount my packages so that most couples pay equal to or less than a local photographer even after paying travel costs. 
So far I've done weddings in: VA, WV, NC, MD, PA, NY, TN, TX, FL, CO, with MI and MN on the calendar!
Nikon or Canon? 
Currently? Nikon. I routinely carry two D750s, usually equipped with an 85 mm and a 24-70 mm. You'll also find some flashes, a video light, a polaroid, some ibuprofen, and probably some snacks tucked in my bags too. 

At the average wedding I'm taking 3000-4000 photos and delivering 900-1500. Editing starts with weeding through the many images, removing the blinks, the awkward faces and the blurry. After that I edit for color, creating a cohesive look across the day. Finally cropping and straightening photos so they are honed in on what matters most to the story.

I'm a firm believer that your body is beautiful, and unless we've specifically talked about something or it's a temporary blemish (i.e. a zit or bruise) I don't do any body altering edits. I also don't include advanced retouching with my packages. If after receiving your photos there are specific images you want additional edits done to, that is an additional charge. 
📸The Joy Shots Story
For the curious! Here's a timeline of Joy Shots History, and you can trace through the evolution of the Joy Shots style with the photos as well!
2014- Joy Shots is started as a hobby, primarily focused on kids and family photos.
2015- The first Joy Shots wedding!
2016- Joy Shots expands from Spotsylvania into Lynchburg, and shoot our first newborn session!
2018- We begin a more intentional move towards wedding photography, shooting almost 10 weddings this year. 
2019- The Senior Ambassador Program iinaugurated!
2020- The fifty state challenge begins, with weddings in Florida, Texas, and New York this year!
2021- Joy Shots officially becomes a full time business, now officially based in Lynchburg.

What's next?? Honestly the sky is the limit, but really the goal is to keep on trucking, keep making people smile, and keep capturing beautiful memories for rad people across America. 
(Final image by Katelyn MacMillan)
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