Colton’s Newborn Photoshoot in Home Nursery

After arriving home and starting to settle into a new phase of life, Colton’s parents Alex and Courtney scheduled a newborn photoshoot in their home nursery to celebrate his birth. The whole crowd from the Hundred Acre Woods showed up, as did some furry family members, and you can explore all the delight below.

Colton Sleeps with Winnie the Pooh stuffed animals

Choosing the Location

The location of any photoshoot is important, but especially when taking photos of a newborn baby. Alex and Courtney chose their home nursery primarily to keep baby Colton comfortable, but also because they wanted to document the warmth of his nursery. They said, “Capturing him within his first weeks of life in his nursery is something we will be able to look back on for a lifetime!”

Reflecting on the Session

Most people know that they want some type of newborn photos, but are unsure how they’ll feel during and after a session. Alex and Courtney described their newborn photoshoot session with Erika as “wonderful,” elaborating that “[she] really knows how to make you feel comfortable when posing and coming up with photo ideas. She’s so personable and fun to get to know throughout the session.”


They had a bit of an advantage though, since Erika also shot their wedding in 2021 at The Historic Post Office in Hampton Roads.


Family in Winnie the Pooh themed nursery

Navigating Baby Logistics

In addition to Erika’s efforts to make the photo session comfortable, Alex and Courtney navigated baby logistics. They were worried about how Colton would cooperate throughout the process, especially since he was on a tight feeding schedule. They share that, “We worked through his fussiness by stopping to feed when needed, allowing him to stay comfortable with minimal changes of clothes, and waiting for him to fall asleep before trying to do much with him.”


Their advice for other people hoping to successfully navigate photos with a newborn? Have food prepared, stay patient, and act around the baby instead of vice versa.


Colton’s newborn photoshoot in his home nursery created lasting memories for his entire family. If you want to capture your own precious moments, book Joy Shots Photography for family photos.

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